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TYCHO | Posters

Scott Hansen, musician and amazing designer. Who sometimes uses the pseudonym ISO50 for his graphic design and apparel work. I just love his stuff, and own a few of his posters. Check out the full shop here.

Lastly, if you ever get the chance to see TYCHO live, they put on an incredible audio visual performance. I saw them a couple of years ago at a tiny pub in Buffalo, NY. and the show was worth every penny. 

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Fast Food Packaging (2011) by Ian Gilley

An attempt to reduce waste and make convenience food more convenient. Versatile system works on the go or at the table. Fabricated from biodegradable compressed paper.

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Gorky Park icecreams 
Design of packages for Gorky Park icecreams.
This icecream has been a treat inseparable from a walk in the Moscow Gorky Park for decades. It`s special taste of creamy vanilla and waffle cone became a memory of childhood for several generations, and it has remained true to the old fashioned recipe. 
The aim to connect the historical value with modern recognition through design was achieved by developing patterns, inspired by key symbols of the Park`s life. Each pattern corresponds with one of the six flavours.


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Zach Minard’s poster for ARTCRANK Portland.

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Geometry pattern wall.

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The Isometric City Map Builder

Check out more information about the Isometric City Map Builder on WE AND THE COLOR or get it on Creative Market.

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