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Designersgotoheaven.com - Love by Tomasz Majewski.

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22 Restaurant Branding by Dmitry Gerais

Moscow, Russia based graphic designer Dmitry Gerais has designed this beautiful restaurant brand identity.

You can find more information and images of the brand identity on WATC.

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KINO | Take Away & Pattern
by Gustav Karlsson

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basalt | table(s) ~ ymer & malta

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New York City by David McLeod.

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Green Ratio

Green Ratio is a hypothetical smoothies brand that allows you to customize your drink by selecting

the ingredients and their proportions. The store chain is placed in Australia and shaped to its lifestyle, focused on healthy and natural, high quality products. The project has been developed during my Major Project class at Raffles College of Design and Commerce in Sydney.

The name “Green Ratio” derives from the golden ratio, which is universally known as the proportion of beauty and harmony. Therefore “Green Ratio” can be read in different levels: it represents the perfection of the product related to the green/natural side, but also suggests the idea of proportion, that is linked to the custom made value of the brand.
The logo idea comes from the percentage symbol, designed to adapt to the name. The wordmark wants to be consistent with the Green Ratio concept in order to reinforce the storytelling of the brand values.
More on: behance.net


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Maria Santa Teresa Guest House 

Designing the corporate identity for Rio de Janeiro’s most unique design hotel. In co-operation with the Berlin based communication agency Wunderblock GmbH,  wunderblock.net

More on: tabeahughes.com

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My cover for Adventure Time #22! You can buy the issue here.

Allen is so talented, we often just stop and watch in awe. We all know there is much more to him, more than what we can see on the surface. 

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Design vs User Experience

Google+ | Dribbble | Behance | Twitter | http://ramotion.com

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